CATCHACOMA (Art Sebal-Crazy Lady) in full action near the wire (France).
Own a racehorse and you will experience the most exciting moments in your life.

The thrill of owning a racehorse
We enjoyed many unforgettable moments with our horses on the racetrack. Watching those beautiful animals running towards the finish line is a thrill we can't even describe, one has to experience it by themself. If you have never been at the races you should consider spending a day at Woodbine racetrack. Sharing a table with friends at the grandstand, having lunch and seeing the horses circling around the track at the same time is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the "sport of the kings".

The easiest and safest way to get into the thrill of owning a racehorse is through a partnership. You don't have to buy a horse by yourself and it is not that costly when you can share the monthly training fees. And you can enjoy the winning moments with the other partners, - you will have a great time! Most public thoroughbred trainers at Woodbine and Fort Erie Race Track will offer you the opportunity to purchase a share in a racehorse. A partnership in a thoroughbred might also be offered by some breeding farms.

If you are interested in a partnership or want to learn more about it, please contact Peter Mueller: Email or by phone (519)-371-8933.