The Farm overlooking the beautiful rolling hills of the Queen's Valley.

Established in 2002, the Farm is situated just south of Owen Sound in the beautiful Georgian Bay region on 94 acres of mineral rich soil of the Niagara Escarpment on the gently rolling hills of the Big Head Valley, or also known as the Queen's Valley.

The former cattlefarm was purchased by Peter Mueller and Katja Ulm, who immigrated from Switzerland in 2002, and was subsequently turned into a thoroughbred breeding operation.

Thanks to the TIP (Thoroughbred Improvement Program) provided by the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society, which allocates annually more than $ 11.5 million to stakes races and Breeders Awards, breeding and buying Ontario-bred horses pays off at the Race Track.

A private breeding facility, Queensvalley Farm has a small broodmare band of currently 3 mares. The idea is to breed those mares to pedigree, conformation and value wise fitting stallions and sell the weanlings/yearlings at public sales either in Canada or in Kentucky. One of the main goals is to improve the broodmare band with better pedigrees, most of the herd are very young mares who have the potential to turn into nice producers.

We believe in a healthy breeding, means the horses spend as much time out in the fields as possible. Nevertheless the young horses will be handled from the day they are born so that they get used to the human hand. Wearing a halter, being led, picking up the feet, standing still and many other things should be a matter of course for a young horse - it will make its life (and the one of the people around him) much easier.
Also very important for us is the feeding. A thoroughbred is a high energy horse and needs therefore a different feeding program than a warmblood. Brooks Performance Horse Feeds is the distributor for Kentucky Equine Research products. Since almost 20 years, KER is dedicated to increasing the knowledge of nutrition and physiology in the thoroughbred. Collecting datas from thousands of thoroughbreds allowed them to find the proper balance in their feeds so the risks of having bone developement problems in young horses are at the lowest. Click here for more about Kentucky Equine Research and Brooks Feeds.

A 4-horse Odyssey Performance Trainer allows us to prep the youngsters for the sales ground or keep a layoff from the racetrack fit. The horses can walk freely between the gates without beeing tied to the rotating arms, giving them a more comfortable way to walk.